About us - Krumbs-Aha


Back in 2006, we decided to work together doing something that we love, which is helping people to develop and be their better self. Putting our vast experiences together from global corporate to entrepreneurial work Krumbs A-ha! was born. So far life has been pretty good, we have helped thousands of people around the world, had a fantastic time doing it and we still love what we do!

Meet Kam

Over 10 years ago, moving from corporate life to running my own business was a big step for me and I have been fortunate to have worked with some amazing people along the way whilst continuing to learn and progress myself.

I started my career as a Maths & Science Teacher before moving into sales, first in the Financial sector and then the Pharmaceutical industry, and now I run my own business as a Training & Management Consultant. In each of these roles, the key thread to my character has always been a desire to help others by listening well and implementing changes that make for a better future.

I have over 16 years experience working full-time for Pharma companies and have implemented learning & development strategies supporting sales & marketing functions at both local country and global strategic levels working with participants from over 50 countries. I have been fortunate to have learnt from the best and the skills I have acquired help me to design, develop and implement quality learning solutions aligned to business needs, and create learning experiences that are meaningful and enjoyable for all participants from a variety of business sectors and cultural diversity.

When I’m not working, I run our village Book Club, love going to the theatre and rock concerts, and volunteer as a Patient Leader for the NHS. With the latter, I have been involved with implementation of new models of care in Rushcliffe under the NHS’ 5 Year Forward View; sit as Independent Chair on the Governing Board for the GP federation, PartnersHealth; Patient & Public Involvement Senate member for East Midlands Academic Health & Science Network; and Chair of both local patient participation group (PPG) and network of the 12 PPGs across Rushcliffe.


“Kam is an engaging and inspiring facilitator who brings out the creative aspects of the groups with which she works.”

Shelle Rose Charvet, Success Strategies (Expert on Influencing & Persuasion: what motivates & demotivates people)

Meet Richard

I am a Cornishman and if there is one thing that we Cornish love to do, it is to get together and tell each other stories, we call it “yarning”, it would be years before I would realise just how effective “yarning” can be as a trainer.

When I left school I became, as my heritage would suggest, a fisherman, a job I found to be great fun in the summer and unbearable in the winter. Eventually I got bored of being cold and wet, so I went to Bristol and read for a degree in Applied Biology, after which I landed my first “proper job” in sales.

Now I have been in the business world for 35 years and have experienced life in the corporate sector with a broad range of blue chip companies to entrepreneurial start-ups. Having gained a wealth of expertise and experience I enjoy enabling sales people to sell, managers to manage, leaders to lead and coaches to coach. My management workshops are designed to encourage people to step out of their comfort zone; I take care of them when they do and then help them relate their experience back to their workplace to improve their performance.

A key aspect of my work is in helping people develop their presentation and communication skills, I have coached doctors, lawyers, professors and company executives wanting to develop powerful messages to audiences, large or small. I find it immensely satisfying when people reach the point where their skills and confidence increase to the level where they enjoy making their own, impactful presentations to an audience.

As for the “yarning”, my favourite description of my work came from a young manager in answer to his boss’s question “What was it like?” The answer given was, “Well Richard kind of tells us a story, then we do stuff, then we all talk about it. I don’t know how it happens, but you end up with a headful of ways of how to be better”. I think that sums it up perfectly.


“Thank you once again for your incredible help at yesterday’s event. It was such a positive atmosphere and I think a lot of that was down to your relaxed style Richard. The evaluation forms are 100% positive. I think we can say with certainty that we’ll be running a similar event in the future.”

Racheal Millband, Communications & Engagement Manager, NHS Nottingham West CCG