Your Management


By understanding your business needs we help your managers to better manage their people to deliver on your sales and marketing objectives.


Business Development

When you need a solution for a specific business outcome, we design creative solutions to get you there. We use training interventions that develop your business and your managers to strengthen the relationship with your customers.


Using effective coaching techniques, we enable your managers to increase productivity by motivating and growing their people’s performance.

  • Reflect and build on your natural coaching style.
  • Challenging and practical real-play skill application (option to work with our actors in live case studies).
  • Executive one-to-one coaching.

Train the Trainer

We enable your managers to become effective Trainers by understanding:

  • The 4 stages of the Learning Cycle.
  • How Learning Styles and Multiple Intelligences influence the way in which people learn best.
  • The principles behind designing a training session and using a variety of learner-friendly activities.
  • The step by step approach to take when training a new task.


Photograph: Management Training - Everyone has a voice


“Kamaljeet is NOT just a trainer or training director. The significant benefits we can take from her training are those strategic counselling or conversations in which she suggests how we can improve our organization, the way of working, and the way we do business.”

Yoshiko Saito, Sales Force Effectiveness Manager, Nippon Organon K.K.


Case Studies

Business, Management and Team


Changes in the general economy had a major impact on the shopping and leisure habits of people and subsequently our client’s business in the leisure & hospitality sector faced both business and employee challenges. Krumbs A-ha! were asked by the Orange Tree Group (OTG) to help them to re-establish and re-focus the core essence and ethos of their business group by providing support to the senior management team in developing business priorities and a comprehensive training & development programme for the General Managers and their teams.


1. Regularly facilitated senior management team meetings to help them identify and develop their business priorities and practice sound leadership principles to engage their workforce.

2. Gained an understanding of their current business practices and observed how OTG staff engage with their customers, by conducting ‘mystery shopper’ site visits to all OTG outlets across East Midlands.

3. Aligned to identified business and training needs, designed and delivered a comprehensive range of workshops for General Managers and their teams over a 2-year period:

  • Re-centre & Re-focus workshop – vision, core values and purpose of the OTG business; mapping the customer journey; identifying core skill set required to deliver exceptional customer service.
  • Train the Trainer – understand how people learn; adapt your communication and training style to produce an induction program for new starters; practical skill application into the real world.
  • Communication Skills & Behavioural Styles – understand your own style; build productive relationships with people/customers by exercising behavioural flexibility; practice and enhance your communication and establish rapport with others.
  • Coaching Skills – practical and effective steps/guidelines in coaching, influencing and problem solving to improve staff performance, productivity and growth; real-world skill practice using actors.
  • Motivating Your Staff – discuss the value of established motivation techniques; develop motivation techniques that will fully engage your staff and/or customers by generating “autonomy, mastery & purpose”; significantly engage your staff so that they become stronger advocates of OTG.
  • Hiring Staff – establish the OTG recruitment process; identify key behaviours/ competencies of your ‘ideal’ applicant; interviewing skill practice using actors.
  • Managing Your People – get the best out of your people by enhancing team-work and by coaching and motivating performance; apply your people management skills to practical real-life scenarios via high interaction with live case studies and one to one simulations.
  • Developing Your Business – evolving the OTG business; developing KPIs and establishing a framework for General Managers; explore customer service based incentives.


Extensive consultative work with senior management team who gained confidence in leading, shaping and driving their business and workforce forward in an ever-changing climate.


“Krumbs A-ha!  made a great effort from the beginning to listen to us about the type of team members we have and how best to tailor make an interactive programme that would engage the whole team. Our staff are very high energy so sitting and listening in a classroom environment would not have worked at all for us, so a short introduction followed by an exercise, which was then debriefed in a pragmatic way really worked well. In particular, the live case studies using actors was high interaction, generated fun and was real-life, hands-on learning.”

Gareth Smith, Managing Director, Orange Tree Group

Business & Marketing Development


As part of their Key Account strategy, MSD Animal Health asked Krumbs A-ha! to design and develop a Veterinary Practice Marketing training module for Key Account Managers to use with their customers. The outcome of implementing the module would enable the sales team to build relationships with their customers and offer future collaborative opportunities with the ultimate goal that the sales team are perceived as vital business partners/advisors helping their customers to grow and better manage their business.


1. Collaborated with MSD Animal Health’s sales and marketing personnel to scope the content of the Veterinary Practice Marketing module. The content of this module reflected current market place understanding and potential business opportunities to grow the practice business. In addition, it integrated existing MSD Animal Health business tools into the module.

2. Designed a flexible half-day/one-day interactive training module on Veterinary Practice Marketing with key deliverables of a Lesson Plan, Pre-workshop Questionnaire for participants, Power Point slides and Participant’s Workbook.

3. Working with the local Key Account Manager, delivered the Veterinary Practice Marketing training module to clients in key practices across the country aligned to their business developmental needs as identified in the pre-workshop questionnaire.

4. Post-delivery of the training module, an Executive Summary of outcomes from the workshop outlining potential follow-up actions for the local Key Account Manager was submitted by Krumbs A-ha!


Enabled Key Account Managers to forge strong relationships with their customers and be perceived as vital business partners/advisors helping their customers to grow and better manage their business.


“I now have a new approach to the working day and the long term. Made me realise that it is not just getting through each case but looking at the bigger picture to have a better and more fulfilling work environment.

You made the group conversations easy, no one was embarrassed to speak up.”

HC, Veterinary Surgeon

“Most useful aspect was how to set objectives and clear guidelines on how to achieve those objectives.”

DS, Veterinary Surgeon

“Good ideas which seem amenable to apply in practise, to improve communication with the support staff and drive the objectives forward. Discussions and brainstorming were good exercises to get ideas flowing.

You made us feel at ease during the discussions.”

KB, Veterinary Surgeon

“Very useful to know how to formulate an objective and the importance of team development.

The day made me realise that we need to learn more about our clients.”

EV, Veterinary Surgeon

Sales Force Effectiveness


Supporting the client’s sales force effectiveness (SFE) strategy, Krumbs A-ha! was asked to develop, design and deliver a Learning Curriculum to be implemented globally. Materials and resources developed ranged from lesson plans, exercises & activities, power point slides, facilitator notes, e-learning and simulation workshops which needed to be adaptable to local country’s needs. Uptake of the Learning Curriculum was facilitated through regional Train the Trainer workshops delivered by Krumbs A-ha! to participants from over 50 different countries.

Learning Curriculum Workshops

1. Marketing & Sales Alignment

  • Introduction to market segmentation & targeting of high value customers; ladder of adoption in the buying process; motivations and drivers of choice for customers.
  • Practical application of key concepts to the sales process and product objectives: identifying customer behavioural indicators & moving along the buying ladder; developing questions to determine customer behaviour; understanding customer’s motivations and drivers of choice; delivering key product messages; and best use of resources in the tool box.

2. Personal Contact Cycle

  • Core Selling Skills – seven step sales cycle from pre-call, during call to post-call.
  • Advanced Selling Skills – additional skill development for key steps of the sales cycle.
  • Customer Relationship Management – IT training leading to effective sales call planning and recording of customer information.

3. Coaching Cycle

  • 8-step coaching cycle – skill development for managers to utilise during field visits and when discussing territory business plans.

4. Territory Business Cycle

  • E-learning module and interactive simulation workshop focusing on developing territory business plans and managing the process through the year.

5. Key Account Management

  • Understanding complex decision-making processes and developing skills to strengthen customer relationships and achieve decision outcomes.
  • Developing account business plans aligned to marketing and sales product objectives.


Trainers/Sales Managers from countries around the world commented on the ease and user-friendliness of the materials/resources produced and the Learning Curriculum was successfully rolled out globally in support of the client’s Sales Force Effectiveness strategy.


“Kam is always well prepared and easily adapting to other cultures and/or circumstances. Her special contribution to the development of our global sales curriculum helped us tremendously in setting new standards and improving Organon’s global sales (force) management significantly. Next to this, Kam is an excellent trainer in normal classroom delivery, but her special learning expertise really makes the difference in ‘train-the-trainer’ set ups.”

Jean Paul Lemmens, Executive Director Marketing & Sales Client Operations at NV Organon International


“Kamaljeet has impressed me on the amount of research and homework she has done prior to each meeting she facilitated as well as collating detailed follow-up. This has resulted in her coming across as extremely professional and an expert in her field. Kamaljeet has added to the success of my meetings and I would have no hesitation in recommending her services to any company.”

Lilly Booth, Key Account Manager, Eisai Ltd UK