Training for Yourself


Whether you are looking to clarify and reconnect with your vision or untangle your dilemmas, we can help you define a series of actions to take you towards the future you desire by providing one-to-one coaching and training sessions.


“Being a qualified lawyer, everyone presumes that you are a skilled presenter but my work with the national Adoption Register involved presenting to larger audiences than I had been used to as well as conducting public meetings and facilitating question and answer sessions.  The one to one coaching I received was tailor made to my specific needs. The best thing about it is that it works in the real world.”

Singeta Kalhan-Gregory, Manager at the Wales Adoption Register

“Your energy, commitment and enthusiasm as my coach were extremely infectious. You definitely raised my game and inspired me to play at a higher level. Many thanks.”

D. H.

“Your enthusiasm is infectious. Thank you for helping me through some tough times. You are an inspirational coach.”


“Thanks for a thought provoking session. Your skill really helped me sow my resources in a different way. I hadn’t realised how many I’ve got!”

Gwen B.

“It was fantastic being able to explore the possibilities open to me and then focus on the right direction, thank you. I feel highly motivated.”


“Thank you for helping me find another key…clarity…to develop my thinking and journey.”

G. B.

“You are genuine and authentic. This is why I would work with you. I have no problem in recommending you.”

Steve Head, High Performance Specialist